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ledholo. one

Say yes to the latest technology

3D holograms delight with the quality of the image, the realism of the holographic effect and the aesthetics of workmanship. Their production uses the latest generation, single emission units with a diameter of 30 to 150 cm, characterized by the highest image display parameters.

Projektor hologramów 3D - EYE mini

ledholo. matrixx

Size matters

The combination of the Ledholo LH 65.02 or LH 72.02 emission units into a matrix allows to obtain almost any image surface with a holographic effect. Objects, inscriptions and characters suspended in space attract the eye, arousing amazement and admiration.

Thanks to the use of special acrylic or tempered glass and small size devices, we have achieved unprecedented quality and resolution of the image as well as transparency of up to 98%!

ledholo. custom

For hungry sales results


We design and manufacture holographic P.O.S. new generation closely tailored to the needs of customers.

We are happy to work with designers and companies that professionally arrange space in stores, service showrooms, museums or others, offering them additionally joining our partner system.

3D Hologram - Retail-Banner

ledholo. 3D animations

Even more excitement

Ledholo Holar Studio is an international team of graphic designers, scriptwriters and animators. We have all been associated with the advertising and motion design industry for years. The virtual world is the perfect place for our minds and souls. We understand the responsibility that rests on our shoulders – it is thanks to us that Ledholo projectors display emotions.

ledholo. accessories

Even more possibilities

Mounting systems, stands, cables and power supplies, dedicated cases and transport boxes. Explore the wide range of Ledholo accessories for easy installation and safe transport of your displays.

ledholo. app

Complete holographic system

Ledholo is much more than holographic displays, it is a complete system that includes hardware, free management software and ways to create 3D content.


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