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We change the world of advertising

We are a Polish manufacturer of displays with a holographic effect. Our team consists of engineers, designers, animators and enthusiasts of the latest technologies. We have many years of experience in event engineering, the advertising industry and event marketing.

We have created a series of products and solutions based on the PoV effect, thanks to which it is possible to display images with a holographic effect. Products, logos, inscriptions or entire advertising sequences suspended in the air delight, surprise and attract attention like never before.

We live in a virtual world and create a virtual world. It does not change the fact that our world is real – full of love, joy, smile and passion that allow us to both use and recharge our batteries.

Passion, experience, work...


Nasz Zespół - Witold Janczynski
Nasz Zespół - Lukasz Zukowski


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