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Eye 45ND

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Eye 45ND is the newest holographic display from the Eye series in the Ledholo offer, with a diameter of only 42 cm and a brightness of nearly 1,600 nt.


Eye 45ND is the latest generation Ledholo holographic display with a diameter of 42 cm, generating an image with a brightness of nearly 1.600 cd / m2 and a resolution of 1024 * 1024. The sphere-shaped housing made of pressed acrylic glass, 25 cm deep, enhances the holographic effect. High brightness and image resolution make the displayed 3D animations visible both when artificial lighting is turned on and in daylight.

In addition, Ledholo 45ND holograms are equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows you to display the image with sound (using any external sources).

Compositions based on Ledholo Eye 45ND allow you to achieve spectacular effects of the arrangement of display cabinets, shelves, racks and all kinds of spaces.



  • for walls and surfaces (holder included),
  • on a tripod (Tube Stand 180S or Tube Stand 180B),
  • to the ceiling with the Ceiling Mounting Bracket.


The kit includes:

  • Ledholo emission unit LH 42.02,
  • 16GB memory card,
  • Bluetooth
  • Ledholo Eye 45ND Cover,
  • mounting bracket,
  • 12V power supply,
  • the latest, free software package that enables:
    • managing the displayed content (uploading and deleting 3D animations, ordering) via WiFi (no internet access required),
    • remote management of any number of displays via the website (Cloud),
    • smooth brightness adjustment,
    • changing the name of the WiFi network generated by the display,
    • planning advertising activities on multiple devices,
    • easy-to-use 3D animation wizard
    • use of the library of free 3D animations.


Long-term rent.

Thanks to cooperation with WeSub, we offer long-term rental of the latest generation of Ledholo N displays with an optional package of additional services such as system configuration, transport and installation of devices, content management, and production of 3D animations.


Monthly fee (rent): from PLN 150 + VAT

Guarantee deposit (three-month rent)

Rental period: 24 months

Minimum number of displays: 10



3D holograms – application: RETAIL, HORECA, CULTURE, EDUCATION, EVENT

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

1600 nt.




ø 53 cm x 25 cm


36 W


12 V


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