3D holograms

The possibility of presenting 3D images suspended in space opens another page in the history of visual advertising and broadly understood Digital Signage. As research shows, holographic advertising attracts attention, increases a positive emotional attitude towards brands and products, increases the intention to buy and, consequently, significantly increases sales. Still Ledholo is not just advertising. Thanks to the new technology of displaying high-quality images with a holographic effect, hundreds of thousands of artifacts that are hidden in the warehouses of museums or galleries can finally see the light of day. In education, it offers completely new possibilities of presenting complex structures and spatial objects. Ledholo is also a chance for modern day Picasso or Dali, whose tool is Blender, 3ds Max, Adobe After Effects and others, to finally find their works in the largest art galleries in the world and not only on the Internet.

Full HD resolution up to 4K and a brightness of up to 2,200 cd / m2 allow the devices to work even in daylight.

The average power consumption of Ledholo displays does not exceed 40W! This means not only minimal operating costs, but also taking care of the natural environment!

Individual devices currently represent the widest range of products on the market - from 40 to 100 cm!

Warranty from one to three years, reliable 24/7 service and customers who confirm failure-free operation of devices for over 1.5 years non-stop!



Ledholo displays. They have two, four and six-blade rotors that move faster than the human eye can see (over 30 frames per second) producing a 3D image floating in the air.

Software is an application (iOS, Android, Windows) that allows you to remotely manage any number of devices and create simple animations without the knowledge of specialized programs.

3D animations

Ledholo clients have constant access to a dedicated team, which creates spectacular 3D animations based on the most sophisticated scenarios.


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