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New age of enlightenment!

We revolutionized visual communication

Thanks to the Ledholo technology, you will surprise and delight your customers and business partners.
Suspended above the audience perfect quality 3D image, will distinguish your brand and will leave an unforgettable impression about its products and services.

Unlock the imagination

Spectacular 3D holograms surprise and inspire, arousing admiration among customers, business partners and your employees.

Evoke positive emotions

Each of your campaigns will be remembered and none of it will remain unnoticed. More emotions mean more customers and more sales!

Let yourself be seen

Attract attention, be innovative, use the most energy-efficient visual media in the world. Make your brand stand out from the competition.

Buy or rent.

Buy or rent any Ledholo display tailored to your needs and start reaping tangible benefits
with the use of the latest technology. Discover the attractive prices and specifications of our devices. The Ledholo displays rental offer is available in the TRY & BUY model. If you decide to buy the equipment, we will refund you the cost that you spend on i

Meet Ledholo Matrixx

Don’t limit your imagination. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge because knowledge is limited.” Thanks to the Ledholo Matrixx technology, you will get virtually any size images suspended in space with a holographic effect.

Full HD resolution up to 4K and a brightness up to 2,200 cd/m2 allow the devices to work even in daylight.

The average power consumption of Ledholo displays does not exceed 40W! This means not only minimal operating costs, but also environmental care!

Our devices currently represent the widest range of products on the market - from 40 to 100 cm!

Warranty period from one to three years, reliable 24/7 service. Customers confirm failure-free operation of devices for over 1.5 years non-stop now!

Please read the reviews of our customers:

Our company purchased holographic totems from Ledholo, which will soon go to the largest shopping malls and chain of partner stores. The displayed holographic images attract the attention of customers and thanks to fantastic 3D animations we can present the details of our solutions in a unique way. I highly recommend working with Ledholo. Ledholo is not only excellent technology, but most of all people with great passion and commitment.

Ewelina Mizak, Marketing Activation Specialist, ELECTROLUX POLAND

I am a client, partner and ambassador of the Ledholo brand at the same time. This combination is proof of the highest quality of products and services offered by the company. In my opinion, Ledholo solutions open a new page in the history of visual advertising. Images with a holographic effect act like a magnet, attracting attention and are memorable. Many times I could not take my eyes off the displayed animations. I hope for further fruitful and long cooperation and I keep my fingers crossed for the further development of the technology and the Ledholo team.

Radosław Mechło, Sales Director, BUZZcenter

Holographic displays and Ledholo animations are very impressive and unbelievably attract attention. I believe that it was an excellent investment, because it opens up new opportunities for visual communication, but also allows us to implement non-standard marketing activities. Congratulations on the great technology and thank the whole team for professional cooperation.

Agnieszka Wunsch, Marketingu, PUPPET THEATER PLECIUGA

I have been working with Ledholo for nearly two years. After purchasing holographic displays that have been installed in the windows of our flagship stores, we regularly use the services of the Holar Studio 3D team, who have so far made twenty 3D animations of our products. 3D holograms actually attract customers' attention. Congratulations on the idea and technology and thank the entire Ledholo team for great cooperation.

Marta Tymińska, Trade Marketing Manager and Operations PL/BL, PUMA POLSKA

Attracting and capturing the attention of international trade fair visitors is a real challenge for the exhibitors. Ledholo specialists and their revolutionary technology allowing the holographic presentation of products met our expectations. This innovative solution undoubtedly helped us stand out from other exhibitors and resulted in establishing new, promising business relationships. We would like to thank you very much for the comprehensive cooperation so far, both at the stage of preparing the hologram and implementing this solution.

Artur Kowalczyk, Sales Director, Tago

We had the pleasure of working with Ledholo during several meetings as part of the "50 Most Creative in Business" program. We are very impressed with both the technology itself and the determination and commitment of Ledholo's employees. I think that holographic advertising, which, after all, Ledholo is one of the precursors, can help many companies make up for the painful losses caused by a lockdown. 3D holograms certainly attract attention and stimulate the imagination.”

Grzegorz Kiszluk, Owner, BRIEF


Ledholo displays. They have two, four and six-blade rotors that move faster than the human eye can see (over 30 rotations per second) producing a 3D image floating in the air.

Software (iOS, Android, Windows) is application for remote management (switching on / off, uploading / deleting 3D animations, changing the sequence and number of repetitions, brightness adjustment). You can manage unlimited number of devices remotely.

3D Animations

Ledholo clients have constant access to a dedicated team that creates spectacular 3D animations based on the most sophisticated scenarios

More than 3D holograms

Ledholo is much more than a holographic device. Ledholo is a complete system that includes hardware, free management software and 3D content creation methods. Take your brand’s visual communication to a new, higher level thanks to 3D holograms.

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