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ledholo. eye

Say yes to the latest technology

The Ledholo Eye series are easy to install roundholographic displays produced in three sizes. Ledholo Eye 40, 50 and 75 guarantee the highest image quality with a holographic effect and a viewing angle of up to 175 degrees.

Projektor hologramów 3D - EYE mini
Projektor hologramów 3D - BOX mini

ledholo. box

The quality beats the eyes

The Ledholo Box series currently represents the widest range of holographic displays on the market. High resolution and brightness, easy operation and dedicated mounting systems allow for practically any use of devices – in advertising, entertainment, culture and art or science.

ledholo. totem

The colors are in the air

The Ledholo Totem series are holographic totems with a height of up to 200 cm. The solution is perfect for trade fairs, congresses, conferences or special presentations.

Projektor hologramów 3D - TOTEM mini
3D Hologram - Retail-Banner

ledholo. retail

For those, who strive for sales results

Ledholo Retail is a combination of a traditional store shelf with a displayed holographic image and transparency of up to 98%. Thanks to a special technology, it is possible to create animations that will give an illusion of “reviving” the products visible on the display.

ledholo. 360

Perfection in every dimension

The Ledholo 360° series enables the presentation of images with a holographic effect at a 360 ° viewing angle. The devices are perfect for all kinds of “islands” – exhibitions to which customers have access from all sides.

Projektor hologramów 3D - 360 mini
Projektor hologramów 3D - MATRIXX mini

ledholo. matrixx

Size matters

The combination of Ledholo displays in a matrix allows you to obtain almost any size of the image surface. The objects, inscriptions and characters suspended in space attract the eye arousing amazement and admiration.

Thanks to special acrylic or tempered glass and small size devices, we have obtained unprecedented quality and resolution of the image as well as transparency reaching 98%!

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