Hologramy 3D

ledholo. matrixx

Linked into a matrix Ledholo displays allow you to obtain almost any image surface. The objects, inscriptions and figures suspended in the air attract the eye, arousing amazement and admiration.

Thanks to the use of special acrylic or tempered glass and the small size of the devices, we have achieved unprecedented quality and resolution of the image as well as transparency of up to 98%!

Innovative system of overlapping displays

In order to obtain images of virtually any size with a holographic effect, we have created software that allows the signal to be divided into specific fragments of individual display units installed in various positions and areas.

The animations prepared by our team at ledholo.studio, apart from the realism of objects and structures, also include a number of additional special effects, which allows for the creation of a previously unknown form of content presentation.

3D Hologram - Matrixx-2.2C

Ledholo MatrixX 2.2C
brightness: 1600 cd/sqm
resolution: 1845*1845
image area: 111 x 111 cm
size: 200x120x20 cm
power: 280W
weight: 77kg

3D Hologram - Matrixx-2.3C

Ledholo MatrixX 2.3C
brightness: 1600 cd/sqm
resolution: 1845*2610
image area: 111 x 157 cm
size: 200x120x20 cm
power: 420W
weight: 79kg

3D Hologram - Matrixx-3.2C

Ledholo MatrixX 3.2C
brightness: 1600 cd/sqm
resolution: 2610*1845
image area: 157 x 111 cm
size: 200x170x20 cm
power: 420W
weight: 105kg

3D Hologram - Matrixx-3.3C

Ledholo MatrixX 3.3C
brightness: 1600 cd/sqm
resolution: 2610*2610
image area: 157 x 157 cm
size: 200x170x20 cm
power: 630W
weight: 108kg

3D Hologram - Matrixx-4.3C

Ledholo MatrixX 4.3C
brightness: 1600 cd/sqm
resolution: 3375*2610
image area: 203 x 157 cm
size: 200x215x20 cm
power: 840W
weight: 134kg

3D Hologram - Matrixx-4.4C

Ledholo MatrixX 4.4C
brightness: 1600 cd/sqm
resolution: 3375*3375
image area: 203 x 203 cm
size: 215x215x20 cm
power: 1120W
weight: 145kg

3D Hologram - Matrixx-5.3C

Ledholo MatrixX 5.3C
brightness: 1600 cd/sqm
resolution: 4140*2610
image area: 249 x 157 cm
size: 200x260x20 cm
power: 1050W
weight: 161kg

3D Hologram - Matrixx-5.4C

Ledholo MatrixX 5.4C
brightness: 1600 cd/sqm
resolution: 4140*3375
image area: 249 x 203 cm
size: 215x260x20 cm
power: 1400W
weight: 174kg

3D Hologram - Matrixx-5.5C

Ledholo MatrixX 5.5C
brightness: 1600 cd/sqm
resolution: 4140*4140
image area: 249 x 249 cm
size: 260x260x20 cm
power: 1750W
weight: 203kg

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