Hologramy 3D

ledholo. retail

Ledholo Retail is a combination of a traditional store shelf with a displayed holographic image with a transparency of up to 98%.

Thanks to a special technology, it is possible to create animations that give the illusion of “reviving” visible on the exhibition products.

The Ledholo Retail 200X has been designed as a universal promotional set in the form of a rack with shelves. Made of the highest quality aluminum profiles and acrylic glass, it not only provides an excellent visual effect, but also easy transport and assembly.

3D Hologram - Retail-40C

Ledholo Retail 40C
SKU: R040CS0C0
brightness: 2200 cd/sqm
resolution: 512*512
size: 40x40x20 cm
power: 24W
weight: 5kg

3D Hologram - Retail-50C

Ledholo Retail 50C
SKU: R050CS0C0
brightness: 800 cd/sqm
resolution: 512*512
size: 52x52x20 cm
power: 36W
weight: 7kg

3D Hologram - Retail-75C

Ledholo Retail 75C
SKU: R075CS0C0
brightness: 1600 cd/sqm
resolution: 1080*1080
size: 72x72x24 cm
power: 70W
weight: 10kg

3D Hologram - Retail-200X

Ledholo Retail 200X
brightness: 1600 cd/sqm
resolution: 1080*1080
size: 200x76x28 cm
power: 70W
weight: 44kg

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