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Forewarned is forearmed

Forewarned is forearmed is a buzzword, the motto of almost every business that intends to stay on the market for a long time. A simple, important rule that is not always easy to follow, but which often saves the company when things get tough.

Forewarned is always insured - It's not that simple

An obvious problem faced by every young company that wants to introduce its product to the market is the possibility of transporting it. It was no different in the case of Ledholo, a product with non-standard dimensions and adapted directly to the customer. The original transport ideas, i.e. cardboard packaging filled with foam, became completely useless after a few events. It's time for a change.

Two different ideas

Creating a standard event suitcase was not difficult, it was also the most logical transport solution. The already discussed issue of Ledholo sizes tailored to customer needs created challenges for the R&D department, which had to determine the dimensions very precisely and explain to subcontractors what the product was. The end result was a metal suitcase, which can be admired in the photo below.

This is too heavy

The multitude of presentations and the weight of the suitcase turned out to be an inconvenience on shorter distances. Sales representatives carried heavy suitcases that protected the equipment very well. It was still the safest solution, but when traveling to the other end of the city it became more of a burden than a help... and another challenge for our R&D department!

Forewarned is always insured - Let's do it differently

Making a cover durable enough to keep acrylic surfaces safe, while assuming that the new protective coating had to be ready for field presentation, was not an easy nut to crack. Nevertheless, we did it!

The custom-made canvas construction with foam elements, reinforced from the inside and not drastically increasing the weight of the Ledholo turned out to be a hit. A simple and proven solution, as we managed to transport our holographic devices in it over several thousand kilometers. See our new range of lightweight and durable covers below.

This solution turned out to be an excellent move that also allowed stand out!

Forethought and ready for the future

We are glad that our covers are used not only by us, but also by our customers. We receive information from them that even after thousands of kilometers on the road, they remain as nice as in the photos above. This strengthens our belief that thanks to this the devices will serve for many years.