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Stand out or die

Stand out or die: how to survive in an era of cutthroat competition?

Stand out or die: How to survive in the era of cutthroat competition? is the title of a famous book by Steve Rivkin and Jack Trout. Although it was published 20 years ago, its title maxim is undoubtedly still very valid. Today, in the era of hundreds of thousands of advertisements, standing out is extremely important. Both for debuting companies and those that have existed on the market for a long time. Companies try to outdo each other with more and more sophisticated campaigns, but they very rarely reach for them modern technologies and use standard solutions - screens, large screens, roll-ups, leaflets and internet banners.

The matter seems to be even more complicated when Covid is raging around us. The number of customers in stationary stores has decreased significantly. Thus attracting attention to windows or specific products in store spaces has become even more difficult.

Stand out with new technology

Ledholo works like a magnet here attracting the attention of potential customers. It is simply impossible to ignore holographic images suspended in space. Another advantage is transparency, thanks to which customers can see the inside of the store.

And here the question arises: Why is this happening? Why do images with a holographic effect attract so much attention? What impact does this have on purchasing decisions?

First of all, let's refer to what is known in psychology freshness effect and priority effect. Referring to Wikipedia we read:

The recency effect consists in a stronger impact of information that came last (the freshest) than that which appeared earlier. The recency effect contrasts with the primacy effect - the phenomenon of better remembering information received at the beginning. The recency effect is related to the issue of changing attitudes. Researchers were interested in which effect would prevail: the recency effect or the primacy effect. This issue is examined within the framework of persuasive influence and attitude change."

Due to the fact that Ledholo is not yet used in every store, salon or service point, the message in the form of a holographic image becomes both the first and the last encoded in the customer's mind.

Emotions and 3D holograms

During our observations and research However, we have discovered an effect that seems to be a much more important point of impact of holographic images. We're talking about emotions here. Discoveries related to neuromarketing have challenged the opinions that humans are rational and economic beings. Analyzing brain reactions, it is noticed that emotions play a huge role in the client's decision-making process.

A holographic image suspended in space straight from science fiction films surprises, intrigues, draws attention and delights, thanks to which triggers emotions. We often hear, especially from people who see Ledholo live for the first time: “cool", "wow” and standard questions from the series “how it's working”?

It is emotions, not objective analysis, that give us the drive to make quick purchasing decisions. This mental mechanism, however, only applies to the near future. We are most guided by emotions when we have little time to make a choice. Which store should we enter, which salon should we choose, which product should we buy? We answer these questions ourselves all the time, according to what we feel at a given moment.

Research conducted by Michel Tuan Pham from Columbia Business School showed that the younger we are, the more we succumb to emotions under time pressure. And although older people usually analyze more, even when they are in a hurry, in rush situations our trust in feelings increases, and with it the desire to obtain something that is close to them.

Stand out or die. In Ledholo we have already decided.

As a start-up related to holographic technology, we know its advantages very well. We are happy to have 100% satisfied customers so far. Our tool, often appearing as something alien and new, and at the same time fascinating, is entering the current space more and more widely. We are constantly thinking about improvements, changes and development. Gesture or voice control will allow us to enter a completely new level of communication. That's why we're getting back to work to be able to show off more news as soon as possible.