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3D holograms are not only advertising. Only a small percentage of the Louvre's permanent collection is shown to visitors. The vast majority of museum treasures are stored in warehouses. Some of them may never be shown publicly. This happens not only in the Louvre, but in most museums around the world.

Forewarned, always insured is a key phrase, the motto of almost every business that intends to stay on the market for a long time. A simple, important rule that is not always easy to follow, but which often saves the company when things get tough. Forewarned is always insured - It's not that simple. The obvious problem with which

Stand out or die: how to survive in an era of cutthroat competition? “Stand out or die: how to survive in an era of cutthroat competition?” is the title of a famous book by Steve Rivkin and Jack Trout. Although it was published 20 years ago, its title maxim is undoubtedly still very valid. Today, in the era of hundreds

Motion design is everywhere No matter where you are, on the Internet, in front of the TV, at home or on the street, there is a high probability that you will come across motion graphics. Whether that be animated representations of data. Or maybe a sophisticated way of presenting ideas or user manuals, animations accompany

Literature and research on holograms There are a number of research results available in the literature related to the impact of static and moving 2D images on cognitive processes. Considering that our company has launched the production of displays with a 3D holographic effect, it is extremely important to focus on the topic of hologram research. Their influence

How does 3D technology enable the creation of a hologram? Ledholo displays use 3D technology with two, four and six-spoke rotors. They move at over 30 frames per second. The SMD (Surface Mount Device) diodes placed on them "blink" in such a way that we obtain an image. Holographic effect Holographic effect